When can the baby sit up ? September 19, 2018 – Posted in: General

When can my baby sit up on his own?


How will my baby learn to sit up himself?


Mothers always have so many questions when they have a newborn baby about how to help him sit up; and what they can do to avoid somehow harming him.


Dear Mom, during the first stage of life, your baby needs your ultimate care.

Here are some information and advices that should suffice:


You actually can help your baby sit up by spreading his legs in a V shape. That will give him the balance and steadiness that he needs to sit up without falling on either side.


When he starts sitting up by himself with no trouble then being able to crawl and walk will only be a matter of time.


Your baby will learn how to sit up approximately at the same time he will learn how to roll and raise his head.


  • From three to four months:

The muscles of the head and neck get stronger very quickly. And during that stage, the baby learns how to raise his head to keep it up when he’s lying on his tummy.


Later, he figures out how to lift himself from the floor and keep his chest high using his arms just like in Yoga.


  • From five to six months

Your baby will be able to sit properly with help. Also, he will be able to raise his head when his back is flat. He might also be able to sit for a bit without your help; just make sure to stay close to support him if necessary and surround him with pillows to reduce the risk of any possible fall.


Soon, your baby will learn how to keep his balance when sitting down by leaning forward on either one or both of his arms.


  • From seven to eight months:


Your baby may be able to sit up straight on his own. That makes his arms free to explore. Also, he will learn to turn around while sitting to reach a toy he wants.

The muscles the baby needs to use this skill to start developing since birth, and they become considerably strong between the forth and the seventh month.


When your baby reaches his eighth month, he should be able to sit up without any help. Almost all babies are able to sit up by the age of nine months.


Advices for seating the baby:


  • During the first months, lay your baby on his abdomen for a little while and time after another he will try to raise his head. That is important for the strengthening of his head and neck muscles. But, don’t try to force him. If you feel like he can’t stay lying on his tummy return him to his original position and try that in the next month and train him for this move so that he gets used to it.
  • When your baby reaches his fifth month, if you notice that he’s ready to sit; help him by surrounding him with pillows so that he learns to hold himself when sitting. And it’s better that you stay by his side in case he tilts his head.
  • If your baby becomes able to sit by himself, then move away from any harmful objects like mini tables and decorations. Usually, when baby starts to sit he also starts to crawl and he might harm himself because he starts to explore and he likes to get to know his surroundings.
  • Every baby has different movements, skills and developments. Some babies start sitting up at the age of six months while others might not sit up until they become nine months old. That’s why you should consult a doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong with the baby’s growth; because some babies might need some natural therapy to be able to sit up.


How do I encourage my baby to sit up?

You can help your baby to learn how to sit up by encouraging him to play while he’s lying on his abdomen as much as possible. Try to encourage him to look up using colorful toys that make loud sounds, or by making funny facial expressions and making noises.


Encouraging your baby to look up helps to strengthen his head neck muscles. These muscles help in developing his ability to control his head in order to sit.


When your baby is able to sit well, put his toys and sun stuff a little bit further away from him. It will catch his attention while he learns how to keep his balance using is arms.


Just by watching your baby sit on his own you will feel happy that he’s starting to grow. And you will start to notice his awareness to his surroundings. Babies are a planet, a world, and a school full of rules, love, ways, and good and bad habits that’s why make sure to get what is good and useful for him and you both.


Translated by Sara Alakkad.