The Benefits of Natural Breastfeeding for the Baby October 10, 2018 – Posted in: General

Are there any benefits for breastfeeding for the mother?


Breastfeeding has many benefits for both you and your baby so that you feel connected to each other.


More importantly, breastmilk gives the baby all he needs to grow and get his nutrition during the first six months of his life.


  • It might reduce the danger of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Natural breastfeeding helps your baby fight contagion in the first few months, and it develops good bacteria in his digestive system.
  • From breast milk, your baby gets all of the nutritious food that he needs to grow well. It also protects him from harmful bacteria.
  • It helps you feel the bond between the both of you and it could help prevent you from feeling the after birth depression.
  • It can be a huge source of relief for your older child when he gets sick and he can breastfeed even if he doesn’t want food. Also, breastmilk helps your baby heel faster.

What does breastmilk contain?

In addition to the antibodies that already exist in breastmilk, your body produces new antibodies when you get any infections.

If your baby gets a cold, then your immune system will start working when you get the cold your baby transfers to you. These antibodies move to your milk and your baby gets them from the nearest breastfeed he takes.

Breastmilk contains a long chain of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are considered crucial for the growth of your baby and his brain.

Sticking to breastmilk during the first few months might improve his cognitive development. That means that breastfeeding might make your baby smarter.


What is the right way to breastfeed?

The mother should start breastfeeding her baby after a few hours of birth

  • During breastfeeding, the mother should hold the baby and put him on her stomach, and his mouth should be stuck to the breast so he could hold the nipple.
  • The movement of his jaw presses on the milk ducts without causing the nipples to chap or causing any pain.
  • The mother should also talk to her baby and play with him.
  • The baby feeds a little during the first days. But, with time, he starts to feed according to his needs.

The mother should also be very careful about what medicines she takes during breastfeeding. She should consult with her doctor for everything because it all affects her milk that will eventually be transferred to the baby.


In the end, natural breastfeeding is the most beautiful gifts God gave to the mother. That’s why you and your baby are going to enjoy breastfeeding, and you will feel accomplished while watching your baby grow; you will feel that all of that was because of you and your love.



Translated by: Sara Alakkad